I've finished up to and including chapter eighteen, working on chapter nineteen as I'm writing this. There are 66,200 words not including what's in chapter nineteen so far, and around 130 pages. That means there's around 24,000 words left. I'm in the home stretch, and it's exciting.

My fellow aspiring author and my editor, Kati, (find her at www.narrationsofgaiacia.yolasite.com) has finished her first completed draft of her novel, Narrations of Gaiacia, book one, Vadim in the Windows. I'm going to be working on editing that for her as well. She's currently working on book two, the Twin Vadim.

I guess there wasn't really much point to that last post, seeing as I've changed the site around since I wrote it. But that's all right. Might just do an updated site tour later on, when more of the pages are in place.

As for my personal life, well, I'm not going to get too personal on this blog for fear of appearing unprofessional. If you want to know about me, check out my "About the Author" page and I'll be adding some more details about myself as time goes along.

Fun fact of the day: I have a tattoo. It's on my right shoulderblade, and it's the Japanese kanji's for Inner Strength. I've had it since January 2010 and I still love it. I'll probably never get tired of showing it off, even to my friends.