I'm just working a bit on the site, trying to pretty it up for you viewers, making it simple but fun to click through. Hope you guys like it.

Also, I've made a video of me talking about my novel. Here's the link:


The link for the bloopers of that video is:


Hope you guys enjoy. I tried to sound professional, but I'm not sure if I fooled anyone.

I'm going to continue to make these kinds of videos. Here's what's coming up on my Youtube channel:

1) Overview of my novel (already posted, the link is above).
2) In depth with the characters.
3) The history behind the magic, evil and Dreamweavers.

I'm also going to be creating a map of the world, I already have a map in my head, I just need to draw it. Once I do, it'll be on the site. 
So hope you enjoy my videos and what's coming up on the site.