About the Author

I'm a college graduate who's developed my love of reading and writing from a young age. Dreamweaver is my first completed full length novel, and I hope to write and complete many more novels in the future. Writing is a creative outlet for me, and I have a couple of other hobbies such as photography and cross-stitching. 

Full name: Alicia Courtney Cameron
Birthday: September 28, 1988
Age: 25
Occupation: no job yet
Nationality: Canadian
Tattoos: Three
Hobbies: Writing, reading, computer, photography, cross-stitching
Fave movie: Titanic
Fave novel: Diablo, Kingdom of Shadow
Fave song: Hunted, Device
Fave band: Simple Plan
Partner: James
Children: None
Pets: Four cats, three horses, a goat

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