Alexis stood up and left, leaving Tamara alone with her wayward thoughts. Max is dead...Max is dead...I'll never see him or hear his voice or feel his arms around me again... all these and more, including the image of him falling to his death, were imbedded in her mind. She knew she would never forget that image. How helpless she'd felt as she'd watched him struggle to save himself. She gladly would have fallen, had it meant that he would be able to get back up.

It should have been me... came her next thought. Oddly enough though, she wasn't crying anymore. A numbness constricted her chest and she was staring straight ahead with a blank expression. Listlessly she lifted her legs to curl her knees up to her chest and place her chin on them, wrapping her arms around her legs as if she was trying to keep from falling apart. She knew Max was dead, and she had it in the front of her mind, still saw the image of him falling, but it still felt like it hadn't happened, that it had all been a nightmare and Max would come over this afternoon so they could spend some time together as usual.

Well, he would be coming over...just not with open arms.


Tamara shivered, despite the warmth of the amulet.

Zavier didnt fail to notice. Whats wrong? Are you cold?

No. Why would I be? Its summer. Tamara giggled anxiously, wiping her hands on her trousers for no reason at all other than out of nervous habit.

Youre hearing that voice again arent you? Zavier immediately knew what was wrong.

Tamara sighed, she should have known she couldnt fool her best friend. Maybe.

The laughter in her mind ceased once again. The silence that followed almost overwhelmed Tamara. Its just one voice. Not a bunch of people laughing. Just one. A guy, I think. Tamara explained to Zavier, pressing her fingers to her temples.

This is too weird. That amulet is so red, it looks ready to explode, Zavier pointed out.

Yeah. It hurts a little, too, Tamara cringed. A slight stinging pain was shooting through her chest, but subsided moments later. She almost wanted to take it off, but something told her not to. Lets look around. I feel better with you here. She smiled at Zavier, who grinned down at her.

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