The biggest country in the world. Where the story is centered. The most populated, the most civilized, the most developed.

Capital of Aldmere. Though it is the main city, transportation is limited unless you can afford it, and many average-earning income families can't. Those who live far on the outskirts own horses or horses and carriages, again depending on the income. Some can't afford a horse and have to walk the long distance, making the trip only when they need supplies. The market in Dorham is always busy, offering plenty of different items, sometimes having large sales and giving discounts. It's very affordable. However, there is a dark part of Dorham. A homeless area. Homeless people live in dark alleyways, occasionally snatching an unsuspecting person's change purse. 

A small community, population two-hundred. Tamara's family resides there. It's a calm, quiet community, though they do have to watch for the occasional thieves or robbers. It takes Tamara twenty-five minutes to walk from there to Dorham. She makes the trip often so the distance doesn't bother her.

Morwood Forest
A large forest just outside of Dorcoast. Tamara has easy access to it because of her house location. 

Zavier lives here. A very small community, about five minutes walk outside of Dorham. Population fifty.

Max lived here before his death. It's about a thirty minutes walk outside of Dorham, on the opposite side from Dorcoast. Population one hundred and fifty.

Soon to come.

Kieran lives here. It's about a two hour ride from Dorham. Population three hundred. 

Soon to come.

Soon to come.

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