Story Behind Dreamweaver


I don't have an exact date that I began writing Dreamweaver. All I know is that the first draft and basic idea was started in February 2009.

The idea that sparked the original Dreamweaver (untitled at this point) was actually by reading vampire stories online. They weren't published novels, just stories written by people for fun. I decided that I wanted to try writing a vampire story as well, just for fun. The characters Tamara, Max, and Zavier took on a life of their own. 

As the plot and storyline grew, it quickly became much more than just a vampire story. In fact, I decided not to make the story centered around vampires. As of now, only two characters in Max's group are vampires.

And that's basically how it all began. I've gone through three drafts. The first draft (written in modern times) was only around seven chapters long when I decided that I didn't like it, so I rewrote it. I had mostly finished the second draft (also written in modern times) before I decided that I didn't like that one either. 

Finally, I decided to take up the challenge of creating my own world rather than using modern times. I do like this version the most, it is the most enjoyable that I've written. I've rewritten the prologue and first chapter at least six times or more until I was finally happy with it.

Some of my writing history

I took a long distance course at the Institute of Children's Literature, for children and young adult writers, while I was in grade ten. It helped me to grow as a writer. Writing fanfiction also helps to inspire me and improved my skills quite a bit.

I have been writing since I was in grade six, after I wrote my first short novel for English class. It was about a girl who goes to a summer camp, mishap occurs. I still have that story today, tucked away somewhere along with my other stories that I've written over the years. 

Dreamweaver is currently being edited and I am going to self-publish. In the end, even if this novel doesn't become known around the world, it is something that I created, that I am proud of. I set out to achieve a dream, and I did so despite the many challenges that came with it. Anyone can do what they wish, so long as they give it their all. My next dream is to have Dreamweaver on the shelves, and I am working towards that goal.

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