Tamara Kent

Tamara Kent
Age: 23 - 24 (turns 24 during the novel)
Birthday: April 26th
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: blue-green
Body type: slender, petite
Height: 4’11”.
Personality: Quiet and shy, but once you get to know her, she’s very open. She may appear to be rude, sad, or upset to those around her who don’t know her, when in fact, she is just shy and has a hard time conversing with strangers. She is stubborn, but not spoiled or bratty. 
Place of residence: Dorcoast, Aldmere.
Hobbies: Exploring the towns and forests, writing, hanging with her friends.
Interests: Dreams of becoming a warrior, loves any kind of weapon.
Significant other: Max.
Best friends: Zavier.
Family: Rose (mother), Kevin (father), Alexis (older sister).  
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